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Cleaning Service Areas: Charlotte, Matthews, Concord, Pineville, Gastonia, Albemarle, Lake Norman, Cornelius, Rock Hill SC, York SC, Fort Mill SC, Indian Land SC,  Davidson, Mooresville, Kings Mountain, Monroe, Waxhaw, Dallas, Weddington, Huntersville, Indian Trail, Kannapolis, and Lincolnton NC


Are you a busy professional or busy person that might be coming home to clutter, dust bunnies, dusty air intake vents, dusty ceiling fans, pet hair, a messy kitchen, closet clutter, built up tub scum or shower scum?

Are you a busy professional that procrastinates about house cleaning chores or  organizing your home?


Do you need bi-weekly or monthly house cleaning from a professional maid service to maintain the cleanliness and organization of your home?


Are you tired of cleaning up pet hair and looking at dust on your furniture and baseboards?


Are you tired of clutter monopolizing space in your home?


Do you need a move in cleaning, a move out cleaning, last minute cleaning, home remodeling cleaning, post construction cleaning, or a one time home cleaning?




QualiCare Maids is a professional well established bonded and insured U.S. Veteran Owned Cleaning Company that has been providing affordable
healthy home and apartment cleaning and Home Organizing Services since 2006 and QualiCare Maids has become very popular with Charlotte new comers and Millennials ages 25-34, that are busy professionals working long hours and prefer to spend their free time enjoying the things in life they value most, instead of cleaning a home or apartment in their leisure time.


At QualiCare Maids we understand that cleaning can be stressful for busy professionals and pet owners, but coming home to a messy home or apartment every night can cause stress and depression, which is mentally unhealthy.



Whether you admit it or not, keeping your home or apartment clean on top of work can be hard, and at times overwhelming.


Even if you don’t let your home or apartment get totally out of control, it can be challenging to keep everything up, and this is the main reason so many new customers contact QualiCare Maids each day to inquire about the many cleaning services we offer to both homeowners and renters.


Dust is a common allergen that causes colds, itchy eyes, a runny nose, and many other allergies, but most people ignore certain items in their home until the dirt is seen to the naked eye and bedspreads definitely top this list, because your bedspread may appear 100% stain-free and clean even after 10 days of use, but in reality, it houses several types of bacteria, dirt, and dead skin from your body.


Bathrooms are a favorite “hangout” for several pathogenic organisms like fungi, gastrointestinal viruses, bacteria like e-coli, and salmonella, so bathrooms must be sanitized regularly to ensure that you are not infected by these disease causing germs.


Carpet can hold up to eight times its weight in dirt and dust and may be dirtier than a city street.


Are you coming home to a messy home or apartment and wish it was clean when you enter the front door?



Allow QualiCare Maids to rescue you from the stress of worrying about cleaning your home or apartment, so you’ll be able to relax at night and on the weekends without the stress of thinking you should be cleaning, and don’t feel like you are alone, we receive many calls daily from customers just like you that are interested in our cleaning services to help balance their work time and leisure time.



Home Cleaning That Sells Itself to Customers

Without a Hard Sell





Has it been too long since your home or office has been on a consistent cleaning program? Is soap scum building up in your shower? Are dust bunnies and pet hair taking over? We suggest our Deep Clean to bring your home up to a thorough maintainable condition.



There is nothing that causes more anxiety and stress than moving, because moving brings chaos, change, and stress to your life with the tiring physical work, the sudden change to a new environment, and the need to make important decisions on a moment-to-moment basis.


At QualiCare Maids we understand that your anxiety and stress level will increase during a move, and there’s nothing more stressful than finding a great home cleaning service that will ease your worries of getting a great move out cleaning that is cleaned to real estate standards, to ensure you that your home is move in ready if you are selling it, or you will get your rental deposit back if you’re renting a home or apartment.


We provide professional total cleaning services to  Air BnB rental units and vacation homes that require a real estate standard cleaning to prepare apartments or homes for your future guests and all cleaning is done on a 24 hour turn around.


At  QualiCare we take clutter and home organizing very serious, because cluttered homes tend to contain higher levels of dust, germs, mold, and bacteria, which is a major cause of respiratory complications such as asthma, or sickness by germs in the home, so all homes or businesses that we de-clutter are done to a high standard to re-claim space and make the de-cluttered area cleaner and more manageable.




  1. A cluttered home increases the risk of injury due to falls, and accidental falls account for 33 percent of all home injury deaths in the United States.



  1. Cluttered homes tend to contain higher levels of dust, germs, mold, and bacteria, which is a major cause of respiratory complications such as asthma, or


  1. Messy homes and cluttered homes harbor dust mites more often than clean homes, and rodents, cockroaches, insects, and other pests love clutter.


  1. Extreme cases of house clutter – referred to as "hoarding" – is often a symptom of a bigger health problem, such as depression, emotional trauma, attention deficit disorder, or mental illness.


QualiCare Maids Home Cleaning Gift Cards are great gifts for Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversaries, and Special Occasions to show a friend, family member, girlfriend, boyfriend, co-worker, or special person in your life that you care enough to get their home or apartment cleaned for them, and a cleaning gift card will last longer than flowers or candy.


Our Office Cleaning Service is suited for building owners/renters and property managers. Our standard service includes bathrooms, kitchen(s), floors, windows, trash & recycling. We service: health care facilities, retail establishments, corporate offices, and schools. Call or email for details.



Our Home and Office Cleaning Services are always backed by real home cleaning photos in our ads and on our web site this is the reason that we never have to hard sell customers on our cleaning services and this is also the reason that we have so many happy customers that trust our work for home cleaning, office cleaning, and clutter organizing.



You can either email us for a free estimate or call 704-218-9645 or fill out a free cleaning estimate form at the above Estimate Form Icon:



The Total Home Cleaning Program

QualiCare Maids

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